Which Foods are Impacted by the Study that Revealed Arsenic in Baby Formula?

A new study released by The Clean Label Project has implicated up to 80% of formula products for infants– including brands that boast organic products– as containing trace amounts of arsenic, as reported by Romper earlier today. Romper wrote, “Here is the issue, though. The study by The Clean Label Project did not simply find trace amounts of arsenic in the baby food and formulas they tested. While there was obviously a range throughout the 530 different products, some tested as high as 600 parts per billion of arsenic.”

Local and National News outlets are covering the breaking story, and we’ll update with official statements as they become available.

The Clean Label Project has all their study information available for parents to review, including:

Parents are also encouraged to demand change through signing their petition and parents who are interested can share their pre-built Shopping Lists to help educate peers and concerned fellow stewards of tiny human health.

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