When Do Babies Roll Over?

  Photo by  Daniela Rey  on  Unsplash
Photo by Daniela Rey  on Unsplash

As you snuggle your brand new baby in your arms, you wonder when your little guy will become mobile. Before babies learn to crawl and walk, they need to reach the significant milestone of rolling over. Infants learn to hold their heads up before learning to roll. Once your little girl’s head no longer requires support start watching for signs of her readiness to roll over. Babies are sneaky too, be watchful because she may roll over when you least expect it, like when she is on the couch. Even if you are sitting beside her, if you are ill prepared for this momentous occasion your daughter’s first flip from tummy to back could lead to her first fall too.

Everybody’s Different

My children varied wildly in their first roll over. My son was just five weeks old when he did a twist over to his belly, followed by a string of rolls around the room the same day. My middle child was in no rush, she waited until four months to flip over to her back and then she cried startled by the movement she had manipulated! My youngest was ten weeks old when she spiraled around knocking over my coffee and scaring the now caffeinated cat. Every child is going to have their own pace and timeline for milestones. Some babies are in a rush to move, and others are content to people watch. Some infants can even roll over their first few nights outside of the womb but seem to lose the ability in a day or two so they can relearn the skill at three months.

Three to six months is the norm for a little boy to learn to roll over, based on each babies temperament, personality, and tummy time. If your little chubby-cheeked darling is always in your arms, they will take longer to reach milestones. Once you start placing him on the floor (on a padded play-mat or blanket), he will start with lifting his head and working on mini pushups. He may look like he is trying the quite sophisticated cobra yoga pose as he learns to wield his appendages. These movements help your little guy to build muscle and lead to rolling and eventually crawling.

Tummy Time

Many babies do not like tummy time and hate being so far away from your arms. Do not rush them. Make sure he gets a few minutes on the floor on his belly to learn to work those pudgy little arms and legs. Bright colored toys are a great incentive to baby enticing him to reach, grab, and move. Some babies will want to be on the floor more than the wish to be cuddled, and others will scream as if you are tormenting them on an unparalleled level. No need to cry, if your baby does not want to be on the floor pick them up or even better try getting down to his level and talking soothingly.

Seven months is a reasonable time to assume most babies will roll over if your little sweetheart is still unable by this age contact the pediatrician. Premature babies may take longer than normal; this is something to discuss with your doctor. No matter how early or how late your baby rolls try not to worry, chances are strong they are fine. Hard to believe, but some babies may skip this step and move on to the low crawl. Before long your house will become a jungle gym for your baby gymnast.

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