What is Geritol? (And How Does It Work?)

  Photo by  Jonathan Perez  on  Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Perez  on Unsplash

What is Geritol?

In short, Geritol is a vitamin supplement that contains Iron and B-vitamins. It is designed to provide energy support, giving consumers higher energy levels. While Iron and Vitamin B supplementation is its primary function– it has also been recommended as a “fertility booster” in some circles.

Manufacturers of Geritol do not make any claims that it can help with fertility issues. Despite this, many Mommy message boards will have users who swear “There’s a baby at the end of every bottle”. There are many anecdotal stories of women trying to conceive who become pregnant a month or two after starting a Geritol regimen.

Who uses Geritol?

Many healthy people (men and women) choose to use Geritol as a vitamin supplement. Some people may use it to fight anemia or to feel more energized. And, of course, as mentioned above, there are those who use Geritol as a fertility enhancer.

Like any other over the counter vitamin supplement, Geritol can be a healthy addition to an individual’s diet.

And, of course, as mentioned above, there are those who use Geritol as a fertility enhancer.

Why would I need Geritol?

In all likelihood, you don’t need Geritol. If you are trying to conceive, you will probably be told to start charting, tracking your ovulation, and scheduling sex for optimal baby making. If you’ve been doing all that and still haven’t become pregnant in one year’s time, your doctor may recommend other fertility boosters, whether it’s a prenatal vitamin or a prescription drug like Clomid.

If you’ve been through the ringer with everything from Acupuncture to Letrozole, it may be time to discuss a more invasive solution, like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

How does Geritol work?

Since it’s not a medication, it doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just a vitamin supplement. Its maker does not make any claims that it prevents, treats or cures any condition (including infertility).

Statistically speaking, taking any multivitamin, a prenatal vitamin, or Geritol would have similar pregnancy outcomes. These vitamin supplements do not have any active ingredients to increase fertility.

Could Geritol really help me get pregnant?

While having sufficient vitamins and nutrients is beneficial to your overall health, there is no peer-reviewed medical evidence that suggests taking Geritol would increase your chances of conceiving.

In a statement from the manufacturer itself, Geritol rejects its reputation as a fertility enhancer.

“There is, unfortunately, no evidence that specifically taking Geritol can increase your fertility or your chances of getting pregnant. We don’t make any fertility claims, and we’re not quite sure how the rumor got started.”

In another statement to the press, a Texas-based fertility specialist, Dr. K. Silverberg also denied Geritol’s efficacy as a conception booster.

“I tell all my patients to take prenatal vitamins. I am unaware of any study specifically linking Geritol to pregnancy”.

Of course, those facts do not discount the hundreds of stories of women who did conceive will taking Geritol supplements. And, certainly, there is no harm in taking a vitamin supplement while trying to conceive.

Keep in mind–if you do start a Geritol or prenatal vitamin regimen, you will need to choose only one. Taking both daily could lead to an iron overdose. And, always discuss any dietary supplements with your doctor to get her stamp of approval.

What is the difference between Geritol and a Prenatal Vitamin?

While either option is likely a healthy addition to your diet, the key difference is the amount of folic acid. Prenatal vitamins have higher amounts of folic acid. The CDC recommends expectant mothers consume about 400mg of Folic Acid every day, one month prior to conception, and throughout the pregnancy.

Further, prenatal vitamins also usually contain some type of stool softener to combat pregnancy constipation. Geritol does not do anything to alleviate constipation.

As the manufacturer states, Geritol has not been studied with fertile and/or pregnant women.

Another key point to remember–most doctors who specialize in fertility will recommend you take a prenatal vitamin while trying to conceive. Since Geritol doesn’t have the recommended amount of Folic Acid, most OB-GYNs will not recommend it.

Where can I find Geritol?

If you would still like to try Geritol, it can generally be found wherever vitamin supplements are sold. It can be purchased at your local drugstore–think CVS or Walgreens. Geritol can also usually be found at big box retailers like Wal-Mart or Target. And, like most everything else these days, you can order Geritol online on sites like Amazon.

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