Pregnancy Symptom Guide

  Photo by  Olliss  on  Unsplash
Photo by Olliss  on Unsplash

Dreams containing fish are thought to give some pregnancy secrets away before people are ready to make formal announcements. Everyone should know the symptoms of pregnancy if they are sexually active. There is no need to personally experience all of the symptoms before taking a pregnancy test and getting  checked out by a doctor.

Late Periods

A late cycle is one symptom of pregnancy. If you have regular periods it is easy to know when you’re late. A late period can be caused by stress, diet, and a million other things. If you miss two periods you may want to grab a pregnancy test. Keep in mind that stress is powerful and the stress of worrying can stop your period from coming down.

Tender Breasts

Many women experience tender breasts right before their period is due to start. Pregnancy breasts stay tender. Someone brushing up against a tender boob might be met with a few choice words, it’s that painful. It’s also a symptom of pregnancy.

Vomiting and Nausea

Vomiting and nausea are both pregnancy symptoms. Nausea is experienced as morning sickness during the first trimester. Even though it can happen anytime during the day. It can also occur anytime during pregnancy, but they are also two of the first symptoms to trigger that something is going on. Keeping saltine crackers or lightly salted pretzels in your purse and on the nightstand can save trips to the bathroom with an upset stomach.

What Is That Smell?

Senses are believed to be heightened in pregnant women. That includes the sense of smell. If you were irritated by certain scents before and now they absolutely are on the top of your “can’t tolerate” list, it may be a pregnancy symptom. Certain foods especially those which are heavily seasoned can be pure torture to be around. The same goes for garbage or other scents that make one wince.


There are people who have no idea how tired pregnancy makes women. It’s also one of the first pregnancy symptoms. Your body has kicked in the mommy power needed to start the nine-month journey. Everything hits at once. For working women,  a 9-5 is just one continuous loop of little sleep to even less. Nights will become reminiscent of bathroom runs and finding a comfortable position to cat nap.

Frequent Urination

An overactive bladder is a pregnancy symptom and another body sign change signaling  membership into the “mommy-to-be” club. Set a cut-off time for beverages it may help alleviate some of the bathroom activity pregnant women experience during the night.


There are women who will back your story that tiny elves are taking turns hitting your back with tiny hammers. Back pain is another pregnancy symptom.   One you will loathe for the pain shooting in through your lower back.  Rest is premium, consider getting a body pillow, they help.


Stomach cramps sometimes mean pre-menstrual syndrome, and they are sometimes a symptom of pregnancy. Cramps can be your bodies way of reacting to weight gain and preparing for your babies pregnancy journey. Bodies have to stretch to accommodate growing babies.

Weight Gain

Cravings that come out of nowhere along with a new kind of snacking of the continuous variety are both symptoms of pregnancy. It’s also addictive so try and get a hold on things as soon as possible.  While expectant moms are cute, we are often conscious about gaining crazy amounts as it is harder to lose after the baby arrives. Cravings happen so stay stocked with healthy options.  Turn up with fruits and veggies for healthier options.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc. You may experience skin changes and find that an acne party has been called on your face and around the belly area. Instead of overly oily skin,  some people have the opposite issue with severely dry skin.  Skin changes are  symptoms of pregnancy. Some women glow from the hormones and others break out. Genes and diet are at play here.

Mood Swings

The debate over whether to include emotional mood swings as a pregnancy symptom. It’s here for the naysayers who have no idea of the awards that should be presented to pregnant women for not losing it. Pregnancy hormones do more than affect women physically. Mood swings come out of nowhere, taking women from happy to sad or vice versa in mere minutes. It’s incredibly entertaining if you’re a sadist. If you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, know that it isn’t your fault.


Spotting isn’t always just the gift of an easy flowing month.  When a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall there can be a little spotting. In this case, there’s a pregnancy going on.

Hair Growth

A good symptom of pregnancy which is reported by women the world over is hair growth. It is not unusual to hear pregnancy hair growth stories and compliments being handed out to expectant moms. A word of caution against chemical hair treatments if you think you may be pregnant. It’s probably best to find a style that can be maintained without chemicals.


Swelling of ankles and feet are not uncommon in pregnant women. The swelling may seem to come from tired feet alone. Oftentimes swelling and water retention are pregnancy symptoms. Invest in a shoe with good support for during pregnancy. They’ll keep swelling down and  lower the risks of falling.

Varicose Veins

New varicose veins or worsening ones may be a symptom of pregnancy. They are easily  inflamed. Talk to your doctor, she may recommend compression tights.  They’re tighter than your grandmother’s girdles but they will keep blood circulating properly and ease some of the pain of inflamed varicose veins.

Positive Pregnancy Test

If you go too early a pregnancy test may not detect whether you’re pregnant. On the other hand, a positive test result if you’ve been sexually active is a pretty conclusive sign that you’re pregnant. If you want a try a second test to see if it comes out differently there’s nothing stopping you. The results are likely to be the same. Sometimes women  feel better with  additional tests. No harm, no foul.

 There’s More

This list of pregnancy symptoms is not exhaustive. There are symptoms that are thought to run in families. Communication and a sense of humor can help get you through all nine months.

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