Is Green Poop Normal for a Newborn?

  Photo by  Tim Bish  on  Unsplash
Photo by Tim Bish  on Unsplash

Finding green poop in your baby’s diaper can freak parents out. Frothy bright green poo is most associated with low-calorie breastfeeding. Foremilk contains algae and too much of it causes the green color and frothy texture. Hindmilk is what carries the nutrients babies need.

Is Baby Latching On Properly?

As a mother you know if your baby is latching on properly. If they aren’t and all they’re ingesting is first milk they’re going to be hungrier sooner and may end up overeating.  This may cause them to experience tummy discomfort and gas.

Dark Green Poop

Babies with gastroenteritis may have dark green poop from a lack of food.  If babies experience vomiting and diarrhea they’re less likely to want to nurse. Lack of nutrients can cause poop to be dark green.   If a fever is present a trip to urgent care is recommended. This is especially true for infants under seven months of age.

Gastroenteritis Check List:

  • It’s easy to become dehydrated with gastroenteritis, administer plenty of clear fluids.
  • Gastroenteritis is viral and easily spread.
  • Make sure to wash hands with soap and water after handling bodily fluids.
  • See a doctor if symptoms persist or if they are combined with a fever


Still Eating For Two

Even though your little angel is maintaining outside of your womb, he still eats what you have.  You still need to pass on the spicy foods. It can be hard. Hard cravings for something you’ve given up for nine months while you were pregnant, makes it seem like you deserve a gold star.  Sorry.  It is important that you eat as healthy as possible because everything that’s good for you can only benefit your baby.

Messy Diapers

Messy diapers are to be expected with babies. You may still be in shock at how fast you go through diapers. You’re sure to note the differences in poo. If you’ve moved to pureed vegetables or commercial baby food you know what goes in green is coming out the same way. It’s the frothiness or dark green coloring that you should be concerned with. Other incidences are quite normal with a green diet.

Support For New Ideas

The Internet is a wonderful way to find out what’s working for other new moms. You can address green poo and other tips for your “bag of things that work.” People are willing to share stories for they actually get excited. If you write down all the things that make parenting a little easier you may best seller or at least a written document to pass down to family members.

Babies Get Sick, It’s A Part of Life

Babies get sick it’s a part of life and not a reflection of how well one parents.  Admittedly green poo can be some pretty scary stuff when you encountering it for the first time. It helps to have a cheat sheet so you’re aware of poo that may warrant an urgent care run, and poop that you can work with.


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