Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

  Photo by  Pablo Heimplatz  on  Unsplash
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz  on Unsplash

A common question is whether or not it is possible to get pregnant from precum. The answer in a word is, yes.   Pre-ejaculate can contain leftover spermatozoa which remain in the penis up to four days.  Pregnancy is only one concern surrounding precum.  If you are sexually active and not attempting to become pregnant, it’s best to go with birth control.  There are several scenarios in which where precum may present including, foreplay that includes clothing optional grinding/dry humping. Panties and even boy shorts lack sufficient barriers for sperm hanging around to connect with an egg.

STD’s/STI’s And Condom Spoilage

Another concern around precum is that it may allow for the transmission the HIV virus and other STD/STI’s more readily. Not using protection increases the risk of disease. Condoms are still a good choice for blocking sperm and sexually transmitted diseases. As a condom refresher use these tips.

  • Do not store condoms inside of your wallet
  •  Doing so can cause rips and a quicker expiration
  • Hold condom package up to light and check for hole punctures
  • Make sure condom is placed on penis or dildo correctly
  • Don’t double on up on condoms, it makes tearing/breakage more likely

Why The Withdrawal Or Pulling Out May Not Work

Using the withdrawal method as birth control can be hit or miss. Couples who depend on this method pin a lot of hope on their partner’s ability to know their bodies well enough to pull out in time, each and every time. It places the onus on one person when a sexual experience involves another being.  It’s very easy to get so involved in the moment that precautions are discarded. That’s precisely one-way unplanned pregnancies can happen.

Having The Talk

Open and honest communication between partners is the best way to get on the same page concerning intimacy. If pregnancy is the goal, then the idea of pre-ejaculate isn’t as scary, especially since sperm will still be hanging out. If you aren’t ready for pregnancy, then be mindful of accepting the gift/offer for intimacy that includes rubbing in the thigh/genital areas, or receiving ejaculate on body parts that are closely connected with body orifices.

It’s a lot easier to have the conversation about what you don’t want the aftermath of sex to look like before you get started. Doing so afterward can be just plain awkward. Ways to bring up the topic beforehand:

  • Set a time for an intimacy talk outside of the bedroom
  • When the opportunity for intimacy presents, be clear on personal boundaries and those of your partner
  • Have condoms easily accessible and the packaging checked out
  • If you’re trying to get pregnant, have at foreplay without the fear of  ruining the moment

Comprehensive Sex Ed Should Discuss Pre-Ejaculatory Fluids

Why is there so much confusion surrounding precum and whether or not it can lead to pregnancy? It’s actually a combination of societal beliefs that still preach abstinence and holding onto ideas that young people won’t engage in sexual activity if they aren’t provided with options for doing so.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from puberty causing hormones of both males and females to surge out of control, there’s the media image of positive sexual expression being behavior for the popular/in-crowd.  This doesn’t end with high school students,  it continues on with college and into young adulthood.

Not Ready? Don’t Play Games

There really is no need to play Russian roulette with the possibility of getting pregnant from kissing and making out  (although both present opportunities if it things get heavy).  Talking with a potential partner about sexual expectations birth control, pregnancy desires/or lack of should all be covered beforehand.  Responsible sexual activity means that communication is open and honest.

Precum As Foreplay

For couples trying to become pregnant, have fun making it happen. You are encouraged to engage in sexual activity that generates pre-ejaculation fluid. It’s practice for the real deal money shots that will produce your baby girl or boy.

Let’s Be Clear!

It is absolutely possible to become pregnant from pre-cum whether penetration occurs or not.  A male does not have to orgasm to create pre-cum, he need only be aroused. Precum can contain enough spermatozoa to successfully create a pregnancy. “Therefore “pulling out” before orgasm and simply placing the head of the penis near the vaginal opening is indeed enough for a sperm/egg connection to take place. Ensure that communication remains open at all times around expectations and deal breakers. Precum doesn’t have to be that deal-breaker. Not if it’s handled correctly.

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