Party Etiquette Guide for (Half-Pint) Hosts

 Photo by  Sofiya Levchenko  on  Unsplash

Parties are a great opportunity for your kids to practice manners. Not sigh, manners. But, Yay! Manners! Manners are a signal to your guests that you're grateful for their attendance at your function, whether it be a casual playdate, a themed holiday soiree, or a birthday sleepover. 

The Etiquette Experts over at the Emily Post Institute assembled a wonderful guide for parents to use in empowering their half-pint hosts and hostesses to welcome and tend to guests. Some of their top tips include:

  • Be ready, and greet everyone at the door. 
  • Include everyone in the party activities. 
  • Say thank you, whether it be as guests leave or in a written note after the party is over.
"Kids can and will absorb and learn good party manners—which are really nothing more than everyday manners bumped up a notch." - Cindy Post Senning, of the Emily Post Institute

What are some of the best etiquette guidelines you discuss with your children before they host a party or celebration? What are some of your biggest challenges as the parent of a party host?