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Get Through this Year's Big Holiday Meal Marathon Like a Champ with Valerie Bertinelli's Foolproof Advice

Managing holiday meals does not have to be a stressful, complicated, drama-filled nightmare. Valerie Bertinelli-- actress, Food Network personality, and cookbook author-- shared with us a secret to surviving the holiday meal marathon with your sanity intact.

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Things to Look For in a Nanny

Finding decent childcare is stressful, but for a lot of modern families, a necessity. Not every family can afford a stay-home-mom and not every family can afford full-time daycare. Hiring a nanny is a great option those families struggling to work and provide their children educational and nurturing environments. But finding the perfect fit can be a struggle. Here are ten things to look for in your future nanny.

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6 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Your Linea Negra Postpartum

Thought you were prepared for all of the bizarre changes pregnancy causes? You had no idea. One day you will wake up to find a dark line on your growing belly. It will be located between your pubic region and belly button. While totally normal, it can still be disconcerting to notice your once smooth, clear skin is now decorated with a dark line.

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